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We can continue to drive rural economic growth with key investments in infrastructure such as water, wastewater treatment, and green energy infrastructure. It's critical that rural hospitals receive adequate funding and support. And we must enshrine Net Neutrality to close the digital divide in rural areas--critical to revitalizing and stabilizing rural economies.

For far too long, politicians have stacked the deck against rural Texans by cutting funding to and not investing in rural communities. That must change. I will work to improve and expand access to healthcare, education, and clean water. I will invest in infrastructure and in rural communities. I will proactively engage with rural communities to ensure that their government works for them. Because all Texans must have the opportunity to succeed regardless of where they live.


Expand Rural Healthcare

Every Texan should have quality, affordable healthcare. We must protect and invest in rural healthcare. By doing so, we will create jobs and healthier and happier communities.


Protect and Invest in Rural Hospitals

  • Provide funding for Hospitals to offer community health clinic services, skilled nursing facility care, and home health alongside traditional hospital services.

  • Expand Medicaid.


Use Technology to improve Patient Accessibility and Health

  • Expand Telemedicine so people can talk to doctors from the comfort of their homes.

  • Incentivize the adoption of low-cost personal wellness programs.


Expand Healthcare Services

  • Expand debt forgiveness for doctors, dentists, and nurses who practice in rural Texas.

  • Increase funding for helicopters/ambulances to transport patients.


Invest in the Rural Economy

Every Texan deserves a well-paying job. We must invest in rural communities to encourage economic growth and job creation.


Invest in infrastructure and clean energy to create high-skilled & high-paying jobs, reduce business costs, and promote growth

  • Invest in high-speed Internet

  • Build solar and wind farms in the district and offer training for locals to operate.

  • Provide funding to improve the electric grid and increase electricity efficiency.

  • Improve transportation by increasing funding for highways, roads, and bridges.


Create Well-Paying Jobs by empowering businesses to grow and prosper

  • Incentivize rural manufacturing.

  • Encourage business to locate jobs in rural Texas instead of outsourcing to foreign countries.

  • Assist small business owners by increasing access to credit and technical assistance.


Support Farmers and Ranchers

  • Preserve access to foreign markets for agriculture and ranching goods.

  • Increase sustainability, efficiency, and yield by incentivizing the adoption of precision farming/ranching techniques


Enable rural communities to plan and build their future

  • Create a program to

    • Provide resources to residents to create community growth plans.

    • Fund those plans.

  • Support rural artist residency programs.


Guarantee Internet Access

Fast, reliable, affordable internet is critical to the modern economy. In rural Texas, internet access is not always available or not fast enough or too expensive. To fix this problem, I will fight for a 21st century Telecommunications Act.

Pass a 21st Century Telecommunication Act

  • Expand access to fast, low cost internet by utilizing cooperatives that deliver electricity and telephone to deliver broadband internet.

  • Support the transition to 5G internet.

  • Pass Net Neutrality.

  • Provide more spectrum for mobile broadband.

Improve Education

All Texans should have the skills needed to compete in the 21st century economy. I support major investments in education to make high-quality public school and vocational training more accessible to rural Texans.


Protect and Invest in Public Schools

  • Pass Universal Pre-K, so every child is prepared to excel in school.

  • Provide funding for public schools to offer child and family services, adult education, and health services.

  • Oppose vouchers.

  • Invest in teacher training and technology in the classroom.

  • Expand funding for low-income students.

  • Increase debt relief for rural public school teachers.


Expand Vocational Training

  • Make two-year community college and vocational school free for everyone.

  • Create program for those who require additional skills to attend vocational schools, community college, or coding bootcamps free for one year.

  • Incentivize vocational schools to partner with businesses to develop curriculums and offer apprenticeships/internships for students.

Ensure Clean Water Availability

Water is important to all Texans. Farmers and Ranchers depend on water for their livelihood. People require clean drinking water to be healthy. I will ensure that clean water is widely available by improving quality, encouraging efficiency, and promoting sustainability.


Improve water efficiency and quality by expanding funding for programs such as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to:

  • Build wastewater treatment plants and better pipes.

  • Fund water efficiency and quality programs

  • Anti-pollution projects.


Protect the water supply by expand funding for the Water Infrastructure Finance & Innovation program to:

  • Promote aquifer recharge and water recycling

  • Drought prevention, reduction, and mitigation.


Encourage sustainable water use in agriculture and ranching.

Improve flood prevention by increasing funding for programs such as the Watershed & Flood Prevention Operations Program.



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