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Julie grew up poor, right here in Texas. She was born in South Oak Cliff, and moved to Ovilla when she was 11. Her mom was a school teacher. Her dad owned a pawn shop. 

Julie’s mom fought against a chronic disease for the last 15 years of her life. Julie cared for her throughout her ordeal. Her dad is fighting against his own health problems today, and Julie is making sure she’s there for him too.  

Julie understands the importance of healthcare, and she’s seen the impact it has on those she cares about most. When Congress came after healthcare for the elderly, for sick children, working Texans, and people with disabilities, all so millionaires and multi-national corporations could get a tax cut—that's what lit the fire. 

Julie knew she had to run for Congress.

Julie (second row, far left) with her fourth grade class

Julie (second row, far left) with her fourth grade class

Julie at a local community meeting this year

Julie at a local community meeting this year

Julie is an attorney with 20 years of experience in healthcare finance and taxation, and she was appointed by the Austin City Council to serve on the board of Central Health, whose mission is delivering healthcare to low income Texans. In this role, Julie has been an outspoken champion for accountability and transparency, and for getting high-quality healthcare to low-income and minority communities who have traditionally been underserved. 

Most importantly, Julie is a mom to four great kids and a wife to her husband Matt.


If we're going to restore our democracy, we have to bring accountability back to our government and get big money out. Julie is not accepting any PAC money—this campaign is 100% powered by individual donations—so when Julie says she will serve and represent this community, you know she isn’t going to be in anybody's pocket. 

Julie is so committed to transparency that she brings her tax return with her everywhere she goes—and she will make it public every year she is in office. 

Julie is proud to be part of the historic wave of women who decided they weren't waiting for any other candidate, or any party, or anyone else to make change. 

Julie with her tax return

Julie with her tax return


Everything is on the line in 2018. We need a representative focused on helping the people she’s elected to serve.




This district deserves better than an establishment politician who only protects and serves his own interests, and who refuses to meet with the folks in this district. 

The job of a public servant is to fight for them and their concerns. 

I'm not running for Congress to launch a career in politics or to reward lobbyists and special interests. I am running because we have to return government to the people. I'm focused on ensuring that every Texan gets quality, affordable healthcare; that we're connecting Texans with jobs and apprenticeship programs; that we create lawful, earned paths to citizenship and permanent residence for immigrants; and so that we can finally end the corrupting influence of money in our elections and in Congress. 

It's time the people of Texas' 25th Congressional District have someone who truly represents them. 

Stand with me, and I promise I will stand for you.


Julie Oliver



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Julie is not relying on PACs or corporations. Her campaign is powered by small, individual donations from Texans who believe we can do better.